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All xp members you need to read and vote!



I'm not posting this to start any arguements. But instead to stop or seperate a subject that gets people mad. One is the religious bashing that goes on here. Every person has the right to believe in what they will. God, Satan, Allah etc... But this site was not intended for that and therefore should not be here. Or if it's going to be allowed then make a different catagory topic for it. Actually I would like to see a catagory for it.

Then you have those signatures that piss people off too. Show or say something that might be offensive. I think it's ok with the I hate Intel or Amd. That computers and it's all in fun. But calling someone a fool because of his or her belief goes a little to far and has nothing to do with computers or xp.

Now I put some catagories to vote on what to do with this subject so the moderators can get a general idea of what you think and some ideas on what to do.


I havent seen anything like wot ur discribing, but a seperate forum wouldnt be of any use (IMO) cos nopbody wood use it.

Anyway, most peeps in ere r adults and should know not to take it seriously if they do find anything offensive.

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
All I can is that you must be very thin skinned ikester7579. Don't read it if it upsets you. Get into the positive side of the forum & let threads like that die. :D


Has nothing to do with XP or computers.. Maybe it would be a good idea for your own forum???


its only fun

I refuse to take your poll on the fact that it's totaly biased.

All you want is restriction?

The posts you talk about are usually on the "General Chatter" forum's anyway.

As for offencive sig's

[stuy_b's sig]
..Time is never wasted when you're wasted all the time.. [ref; to drink or drugs] should this be removed?

[Jewelzz sig]
The only reason I would take up exercising is so that I could hear heavy breathing again. [Sexual connotation]

Should these be removed? and if not where do you stop?

Come on fella and take a chill pill

This forum is moderated very well it don't need restriction

My opinion for what it's worth



Bow Down to the King
Political User
You really, really need something better to do. Try getting outside? Maybe a little fresh air?

I also refuse to vote, because basically, you are just an intercoursing aperture.

Now move on with your life.


OSNN Senior Addict
i want to know where the check box is that says you need to get a life ikester7579.

take a chill pill dude , no wate a sec if i say that does that meen iam insinuating drug taking here?


Bow Down to the King
Political User
Originally posted by Hipster Doofus
And just what is an intercoursing aperture?? I'm laughing but ain't got no idea what it means. Sounds good though. :eek:
I left out one word, wouldn't want any mods yelling at me, at all. [=


My sig offensive??!!.. OMG.. wots the world coming to.! At least its more interesting than the boring lists of peoples specs.. hate people that brag about there rigs!! :rolleyes: :D

Im not doing the poll cos now I'm pee'd off!!


Originally posted by surge
are you shouting at me SeeMe?
pardon the pun, but oh my god. no, soz, i was ROFL when i saw the link you posted. id just visited that site about 20 minutes before!



Yep you see all the hate mongers show up. Bash me, tell me how to live my life. Tell me that I have a problem? Funny how the poll does not share your veiws. and since everybody can only vote once is that bias. I even included removing references about beliefs all together. Bias? I offered 3 to help solve and one to remove. Bias? na. Someone does not have their memory stick pushed in all the way. I find that only time the hate mongers complain is when it effects them.

The people who voted on the poll are afraid of posting their views because like me they will get the same responce. Hate!
It just goes to show how many people come to this site but will not post because of this. I guess now someone will figure out a way to cheat the poll just to prove me wrong so they can have some fun bashing me about that.

Well I don't hate anybody here. But with some that is said and all of you that gang up on me it does make one think that with my beliefs that I am not welcome and neither is anyone else with any type of belief. Just go read your post. If I was saying that to you would feel welcome? I think you would be cussing me out by now if I said that.
Originally posted by ikester7579
Funny how the poll does not share your veiws. and since everybody can only vote once is that bias.
You can vote all you want on the poll. All you have to do is clear you temp internet folder.......

Pull the page back up and there ya go, you can vote again !!!!



OSNN Senior Addict
whats the point in voteing if the mods dont like some thing on your sig or profile then they will ask us to remove it
the ony person here with the problem is ikester7579 , listen up kidd if you dont like ppls sig's etc then the answer is simple , just dont come back to the forums.

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