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All-in-one CPU Water cooling Kits – NorthQ


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Hi all

Came across this item the other day and it looks pretty nice, the reviews I found say it is around the same/ slight outperforms the best of the current air coolers. The advantage is that that the air coolers have high speed fans on them where as the NorthQ system is virtually silent :)

The advantage of this system is it is completely sealed so no worries about topping up liquid or leaks etc, it does mean however that you can not cool you other system components (which I am not too bothered about tbh)

Please can you let me know your opinions?

Cheers :)


OSNN.net Adventurer
Ahh a Peltier we use them at work, surely they will be way too expensive? I just thougth the NorthQ looked like a nice solution nice and compact and would fit well in my system (CM Stacker)

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