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All exe files open in the same program problem



i have a problem in windows xp where all my programs open up in same program

how i did it was that i had uninstalled a program but the shotcut was still in my start menu. After i reinstalled the program, the shortcut was still not working, so i right clicked it, went into properties, and clicked the change button beside "opens with:". whatever program i change it to opens up whenever i open up and exe file.

system restore is an exe file

please help


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Hi Toothpyx

welcome to XP-erience

not to sure if this is gonna work
worth a try

open my computer / Tools / Folder Options / file types.

scroll down to the programs icon (the one that caused the problem)

highlight & click advanced

look through the options see if theres a way to undo it



well thanks anyways
it doesn't solve my problem though b/c there isn't an exe icon there


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if cant find a solution it may be worth doing a repair install

boot from the CD
Enter - to begin setup
F8 - I agree
R - repair install



Are you really sure you changed the behaviour of exe-files? Since you still have a startmenu and can look into folderoptions at least explorer.exe is still working. Maybe you only changed the associations of shortcuts (link-files). Can you open any programs if you directly doubleclick them in the program files folder or by typing the name in the run-dialogue? (Press Win-key and r to open it.)


yup i changed the behaviour of exe-files
double clicking exe files open the same program

as for doing repair
i can't begin setup because it is an exe file


Did you try the run-dialogue? Press Windows-key+R and type notepad or winword or something and click OK. The way you described what you have done I cannot see how you could have changed the behaviour of exe-files from the startmenu. There are programfolders and links in it, no exe. Perhaps you could describe once more what exactly you have done. Seems I don't have an "open with" option in the properties of either shortcuts nor applications. Other questions what options do you get if you rightclick an exe-file, which program opens and are you on another computer now or how do you open your browser?


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Posted by Toothpyx
as for doing repair
i can't begin setup because it is an exe file
huh :confused:

if you boot from the cd your installed XP is bypassed & has no effect on booting from the cd

it will work


Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Are you talking about exe files or the shortcuts to the exe files? If it is the shorcuts try making new one & see if that does it. If so you will possibly have to do it to the entire start menu. Find an exe in windows explorer/program files, right click on it & create a shorcut from there.


I did something like that along time ago:(....I went and told windows to always open (can't remember the program) ? with netscape. And then nothing would work!! all my programs would try to launch in netscape. Unfortunatly me and my bud couldn't find a solution. But I would try to right click on any program and try to fool it into opening w/ something else!

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