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All Critical Updates in 1 File: Download

I put all of the Windows XP post-SP1 critical updates as of October 15th, 2003 into a single winrar self-installing package. You can literally install all of them in two clicks!

This file is great to burn to a CD for that dial-up user in your life, or for yourself. It might save you from getting bugged to come fix someone's computer when a hole in Windows allows a hacker in

Please post suggestions/questions/problems here. And if you're a l337 individual and have already done this better or seen it done better, give me some pointers! I'm always up for some learning, and I'm not afraid of criticism. If you could mirror this file, that would be even cooler! Post it here as well.

Note: I called my ISP, and they told me that there was an unlimited amount of bandwidth that I could upload from my page. If you see my signature disappear, or can't download the file, it means they lied. Other than that, enjoy! :D
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for some reason when i installed critical updates, it left out rollup update. i install after my computer was boot up and check updates again, the roll up update was shown on the list. i install it again and this time i restarted my computer, then when booted up the roll up update is still on the list. The roll up critical updates is not installin into my computer.
Hmm...I shall check and see if it's happening. Thanks!

Could you assist me a bit? In your windows add/remove programs, is KB826939 in there? Mine is showing that I have it installed, but I can't tell if it would still show up on Windows Update or not. Yikes~!


yeah i have it install too, is that the roll up? but my window update still shows up that i havent install it. Plus its not your patch cause i tried install it directly from the site.
That's the roll-up, all right. It is showing up in my add/remove programs. I've heard of this issue before. It's installed though, so you're safe ;) Just Windows Update...grr.



m8 ... so do i need to download ur critical update pack and the MS rollup 1 pack and install them both... installing urs first, then the rollup 1?
If you have not downloaded the four new patches released on the 15th then download this package.

If you have downloaded the four patches released on the 15th then install the Microsoft Package.

If you have all current security updates installed you dont need to do either!

If you install HandyBuddy's package the rollup package will still show as available on windows update but the patches it includes are really installed.
This is perhaps something we can perfect in the future by having HandyBuddy's package write the appropriate regkeys so windows update sees it as installed.
I'll keep this updated as security patches come. I've installed this file on a fully patched/semi-patched XP SP1-Corp machine to see what it would do, and it doesn't hurt. It will just re-add updates you already had.

If someone can post the proper reg key (I'm not absolutely sure which it is--I installed all the fixes incrementally) that causes this to no longer be displayed, I will include it as part of the package.

I tried deleting HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Updates, but it just makes one media player update reappear on Windows Update.
I'm going to do some more research tonight and see if I can get this registry business fixed. Why doesn't it Windows update see the security rollup it even though someone's computer shows that it was installed? I blame MS!


Update: Could anyone who has the rollup (KB826939) still showing up on Windows update merge the attatched file to their registry, restart, and tell me if it works (so I know if I have to upload a 30MB file or not!).

Originally posted by HandyBuddy

Update: Could anyone who has the rollup (KB826939) still showing up on Windows update merge the attatched file to their registry, restart, and tell me if it works (so I know if I have to upload a 30MB file or not!).

Thanks! [/B]
I tried merging that reg file and it gave me an error, and I tried it from Windows Explorer and as an import from regedit. Regedit claims it's not a registry file and when I do it from Explorer it tells me that it's not a registry script.
A pox upon Windows Update! As long as it's installed, maybe MS will put out a fix for this, like updating Windows Update to recognize that the patch is installed. Thank you for your help!
MS will get enough complaints sooner or later to do something about it. I have the patch listed in Add/Remove, and that's enough for me. Seeing it again and again and again at WU is annoying, but hardly fatal.

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