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all but one app works in this for me so far.


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As of now, everything that I had in vista works in windows 7. With the exception of daemon tools. I m being pretty limited on what I put in here also. So that might have something to do with it. But it seems to be able to handle vista apps pretty well.

Has anyone got an app that they had probs with in windows 7?


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Haven't really had the chance to install all my previously used apps on Win7 yet. Might play around with it tomorrow.
I do find Live messenger annoying on Win7. Two task windows are visable on the task bar when one of them should be in the system tray.


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I will try it out and see what it does.

Clonedrive works. Pretty good at that ..
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Yeah, I haven't tried any of the firewalls. In fact, I haven't used a soft firewall in a couple of years. Windows firewall with my nat router works great.

Anyone know of another app I should try ??
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