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All Antecs are not created equal...

I decided the Raidmax 350W I temporarily put into my gaming PC had to go due to noise (needed a PS with A P4 connector so I slummed a little). Just for grins I looked at the wifes Antec PS to see whether it or my other Antec was quieter.

300W Antec 1 +5V@30A +12V@14A +3.3V@15A;Max +5&+3.3=160W
300W Antec 2 +5V@30A +12V@15A +3.3V@20A;Max +5&+3.3=220W P4*
350W Raidmax +5V@25A +12V@14A +3.3V@16A;Max +5&+3.3=178W P4

*Max rating on +5 and +3.3 and +12 is limited to 280W. The 12V P4 connection replaces the lower voltage to the CPU regulator on the older MBs so this isn't a big deal.

READ THE RATINGS BEFORE BUYING! Even if it is Antec or Enermax.

Both Antecs were inaudible, the Raidmax was a definite noise contributor.

Antec 2, aka my wifes ex power supply ;) is now in the gaming machine.

Note: All three of these powered the system in my sig. just stably gaming and during burn in tests even overclocked at XP3000.

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