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When submitting news, on ocassion, some characters come out 'funky'. You need to make sure you fix these funky characters and replace them with the proper ones.

Example from a story you submitted today:
Final Fantasy X hit our shores December 2001 and has since then sold over 1.8 million copies (5.9 million worldwide). Then, in early September 2003, Final Fantasy X graduated to become on of the PlayStation 2 �Greatest Hits� games that retail for $19.99 US. At a price just under $20, everyone could afford to pick it up. Reasons for moving to a mass market price point? Either to jump start sales, or to gear everyone up for a sequel.

Even though Final Fantasy X is the tenth �title� game in the series, you couldn�t really call any of the Final Fantasy follow-ups true sequels. By the American Heritage dictionary�s definition, a sequel is �a literary, dramatic, or cinematic work whose narrative continues that of a preexisting work.� While many of the Final Fantasy games share certain elements (such as Chocobos and a guy named Cid), the worlds, characters, narratives, even play mechanics were all independent of one another.

The Final Fantasy series was one that carried on with sequels that weren�t really sequels� that is, until Square decided to make a sequel.
Whoever actually posts this has to go to the source and correct all the lil � or simply delete the story. This one was deleted as the site was slow and I can't be bothered waiting for it to load to fix the characters
I apologuies with the �. I did not notice these dotted around in the News Post.

I made a fault and shall now be more aware on the submitted text.

Thank you for pointing it out for me. I shall be more aware

Alex :)


I'm sorry Hal...
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Back in the old days there was about a dozen, often used, characters it wouldn't display properly and most of them didn't show up in preview!


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you are more likely to get stories with that kind of stuff when copying from IRC or something as those sometimes come out as the colour and or bolding characters

BTW sorry I have been gone for a while, I will continue to be away (except with the occasional postings like now) til I get a phone line installed in my Uni room and then get that converted to ADSL for some decent internet speeds ;)

Sweet new admin/smod/mod thingers we got now, nice work

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