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alcohol 120% virtual drive problem


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I have installed Alcohol 120%.

And i cannot create a virtual drive.

I selected 1 virtual drive, 2 of the boxes below that are checked, my vendor identification is AXV, my product identification is CD/DVD-ROM, and my product revision level is 2.2a, then i am supposed to go to drive parameters but i cant select anything there! i click ok then a message pops up and says "Set device parameters error, Error Status : 3" then i click ok then another message pops up "To prevent compatibility problems, Alcohol 120% will not allow you to use this NEW device name".

Can anyhone help me out?


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reinstall it and set the virtual drives to 0
i had the same problem and that solved it

if not in the device manager you have to remove the virtual scsi controller


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nothing bad will happen to your computer.. The scsi manager is for a scsi drive. More than likely you do not have one.. In some accassions while trying to uninstall alcohol it don't remove the controller and you have to do it manually

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