Alcatel Speedtouch Modem



Can anybody help me please. I installed XP a few weeks ago and everything works fine apart from the alcatel speedtouch modem. It keeps disconnecting. I've searched everywhere and it is a well known problem, but I cannot find a solution.

I've got the latest drivers. I've tried connecting it to a powered hub, I've disabled 'let windows switch off the device to save power'. You name it I've tried it

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks :)


If it disconnects after the same time period each time, go into outlook express, and remove the option to hangup after sebding and receiving. It could be disconnecting because OE has been set to check for email every 5-10 minutes and after each time it scans it will disconnect the modem, if the aforementioned option is set


Thank you for replying.

Yes it is an ADSL modem.

I've removed the option to hang up after sending and receiving, that was one thing I hadn't thought about. Somehow though, I don't think that will help.

If I'm just browsing the web it can stay on for hours, it's when I start downloading that it will keep disconnecting. Do you think it has something to do with the power management in the BIOS?
I'm not really confident about messing about in there, but I have tried everything else to no avail.

I know this is a well known problem because I've searched everywhere, everybody has the same problem but I can't find anyone who has solved it.
Apollonia are you with BT Openworld Broadband? I also have an Alcatel USB ASDL Modem but i havent recived any problems like that. I did on the other hand face a problem over the weekend on connecting to the internet with it. It kept saying Error 721 on dialing out which aparently isnt always due to there exchange thingy. Let me know if you are with BT Openworld Broadband, and ill see if i can help you out alittle more



No I am not with BT Openworld, I'm with Freeserve Broadband.

It's really annoying me now. I've had the modem for six months and it worked brilliant with Windows Me, its only since I upgraded to XP.

I know I'm not the only one having this problem, but surely someone has found a fix for it :(
model number would be nice...

i had a similar problem when i first installed XP (a good ol' while back :p) did give me problems.. but as soon as i installed the new drivers.. didn;t give me a problem since...

Bt Openworld hear too :)



Sorted...I Think

After trying every other suggestion, today I installed a USB PCI Card and so far I have been on line for 6 hours with no disconnecting :) I have done a good few downloads as well and everything is running top notch :)

Thanks for your replies.
by the way... i phoned up BT Broadband Openworld yesterday and asked them about that cutting the bandwith MB's (that news article) and aparently BT Openworld Broadband wont do anything like that because We have already agree to what we are getting. Maybe it will be different for new customers but aparently we are fine and dandy to download as much as we want.. But plz dont take my word for it.. I only asked BT openworld Broadband Technical support, but they kinda knew what they were talking about.. lol :p

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