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Alcatel modem and USB Intel Camera



I'm having a problem connecting both devices to my PC at the same time. I have the latest drivers for both the modem and intel cam pro camera but whenever I am on the internet and decided to run the camera, the webcam software freezes and I become disconnected.

The only solution is to restart the PC. Any ideas?
hmmm sounds like some sort of USB bus conflict...it's unlikely but possible that they are drawing too much power and kicking eachother off...not sure of a way to fix a USB conflict :(


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A couple of things you can try:

Check your motherboard website to see if they have updated usb drivers.

Try switching usb ports.

If you have the cam on a hub or chained to another usb device plug it directly into one of the usb ports on the computer.

Does the cam work ok when you aren't connected to the net?

Have you checked in device manager to make sure the device is working ok and there are no conflicts?


Thanks for the tips. I had tried all sorts of things from updating drivers, removing the hardware and trying different ports. None of it worked, so in the end I gave up trying.

However, I've just been out and bought a 2 port PCI USB card. I have the camera plugged into it and hey presto, it works fine (famous last words).

Have my ADSL modem on the main MB USB port.

Once again, many thanks for your help.

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