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[AJAX] User Registration Demo

I have thrown together a quick ajax demo of a user registration page. It uses ajax to check if the username is already take and also to check the strength of your password. Just a warning this is not running over SSL so dont type in your proper passwords because its not secure, if you were to implement this then it would be best to have this do the ajax requests over the https protocol which I think most of the toolkits do if you load the page under https.

Btw this was demo uses the SAJAX AJAX toolkit

really, cool

sajax is a fairly language independant ajax toolkit, it has versions for a large range of languages, so I could fairly easily take the front end language and stick it to a different backend and it would still work which is pretty cool.


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The license SAJAX is under makes it even more attractive. It is BSD licensed, and thus can fit into any project without any implications. No need to worry that suddenly since you are using it in your code that your code will have to be GPL'ed.

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