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AIW vs Reg. ATI's?

Do you lose any performace by going with an All-in-wonder card, provided your not doing a recording obviously?

And how are they for capturing video, vs. separate GFx card and tuner?

Trying to decide between the X850xt, or save a little bit, and go with the AIW X800xt. Any opinions?
Depends what you want to use it for. If it's strictly for gamin, go with a non all in wonder card.

If you plan to use those additional features, go with an AIW


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I like the AIW card we have at the house but it all depends on what you want to do.

The other option of course is if it's capturing video etc from cable you might consider getting a simple tuner/pvr card. I believe AVerMedia has them as cheap as $79 and I've seen them as low as $60 but can't find one at the moment. I have never actually used that card so can't atest to the quality. Also, this will give you dedicated hardware instead of integrated which I for some random reason prefer.


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dont all AIW cards only have one dvi port so one couldn't use duel monotors and are the AIW's compatiable with crossfire whenever it fianally comes out?


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Nope, not all AIW's will be compatible. Perhaps the x800xt version will be but I dont think the previous ones are supported.

The x800xt and 9600pro and a coupla others have support for dvi/vga dual or dual vga output. Older ones have a single output. Some of the REALLY old ones did have 2 outputs as well.


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i have changed my mind go for the dedicated hardwareb/c the 850xt would be faster and i use a tv card from comp usa that goes on sale every few months for 20 bucks and it works pretty well


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i use a winfast tv tuner 2000/xp something (not at home or would tell you) Works really well and i bought it for 80 about 4 years ago. the software just recently got much better with it. Hasvent done alot of recording but expect to recode thinsg with most models other than high end.

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