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AIW 9700 Pro Buzz



I just got a AIW 9700 pro for chrismas (alittle early). One question, mine makes this buzzing noise. It's not very loud but it's the loudest thing in my computer. I was wondering, is this normal or is this something i should be looking into, or maybe need to return it? I know my geforce i never heard the fan like this one.


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your video card fan should not be that loud... I have the same card and I can't hear it above my hdd's which are liquid bearing and very quiet themselves..

it is possible that your fan may be a little off...

there are products available from Zalman that allow you to make your card completely silent... just add one of their big fanless heatsinks and you are good to go...

alternatively have a careful poke round your card and see if there is anything that is creating the noise or interfering with the fan itself..

I just installed my p4's hsf and there was a piece interfering with the fan (no damage thank god... shoddy packaging though) once I cleared things up... no more noise :D


I will check if anything is interfering with the fan, if not i will take it back, not 14 days yet. I can even hear it when i turn my HSF all the way up and that's LOUD at full speed.

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