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AIW 9600 or 9800



For Christmas im looking to treat myself to a new video card. Im looking into the AIW 9600 or 9800 pro. Which one should i get? Doese the 9800 pro look that much better than the 9600 for the price? Or should i just go with the 9600. I can get the AIW 9800 for about $350 and the 9600 is about $235 to $250. Which should i go for? The #1 thing i would like to know is how well is the TV viewing? I brought a tv tuner about a year and half ago and didnt ike the way the tv showed.


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if you don't mind a little lesser gaming performance the AIW 9600pro is a good card...

the tv output is better on ati cards than most other cards simple because of all the filtering they do..

naturally you should be able to get dedicated tv tuner cards that cost a lot of money that have decent display but they can';t be used for gaming..

I have an AIW 9700pro and I love it :)


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I just got all my new computer stuff in the mail and i bought a AIW 9800pro since they were out of the AIW 9700pro. I should get the case in the mail tomorrow so ill have it built by thursday night and ill try it out and tell you my feelings on the AIW 9800pro. I thought the price was good too it was $370 from new egg.
I love my Ati Radeon 9800 Pro AIW. Although. It adds another remote to my collection. lol But anyways, the card is worth it I think. Unless you're looking to save some money but still be able to play all of the latest games just fine, then the 9600 would be perfectly fine also.
I bought the 9500 Pro last spring and its about the same speed as the 9600 Pro (some better some worse). Having it to do over I think I'd spring for the 9800 Pro.

9500/9600 is good, but when the intense DX9 games hit the street next year I think I'll be wanting the extra performance.

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