AIM Virus?


I have 2 names using aim (thanks to gaim) and someone who has both messaged me with a link from both and i am pretty sure its a virus.. just a heads up. Not sure what it does cept messages everyone on your list with the link, prolly a tojan or something. Admins edit link if you like, not sure if you want to post for security reasons or not.. but hosted here

Warning: Do not run this file

this is the exact line (<3 gaim for ability to log and ability to rename users) :
stupid girl: HAHA LOOK AT THEM
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Yes that is a virus, anything with a PIF extension I would be wary of. Kaspersky finds it as:



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I think its that virus thats been going around lately. I know there is one that sends you a link and it says hey this is you and you think it is if your stupid enough since its from a friend you talk to since it sends to people on your buddy list.

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Johnny said:
The AIM client itself is a virus ..
OMG, you almost took the words outa my mouth. Except that I was thinking "America Offline is the virus of the Internet" :D

Anyhow, AIM would be AO-Hell's own instant messaging program...

BTW, unless I'm confusing it with something else, isn't Gaim ad/mal-ware? I thought I saw it as such. You might want to get Ad Aware or some other such program and run a scan to get rid of it, if you haven't already...

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