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AIM Skins??

Can you get a skin for AIM for the buddylist screen?

Does anyone know where one can be found?:confused:

Or.. is there a way to chance the font colours of your AIM buddylist and the background wallpaper?

Thank you for your help and time

Alex :cool:
hmm.. i came across that before. I was thinking more Freeware ;) hehe. Isnt there a registry step i could do or something to change the Buddylist font and Buddylist background

Thank you for the link anyways Netryder :)

Anything else? :confused:

Alex :cool:
I've never used AIMutation before...didn't know it wasn't freeware. Sorry ;)

As for changing the buddy list font, you can do that directly from the AIM preferences. The buddy list background can be changed by replacing the bitmap in AimRes.dll with Resource Hacker.
well i was considering on using Trillian.. but ive used it before.. didnt like it much..

ill just stick with the good old AIM look :)

thank you for your help everyone :)

Alex :cool:

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