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15 Jan 2004
Hi. I had tried to NOT start AIM and Yahoo Messenger everytime my PC reboots in "msconfig" and was successful but after using it it put itself back in auto start mode after reboot. I know the permanent way to make sure that both AIM and Yahoo Messenger doesn't start at reboot is to uninstall them.
Is there another way of tweaking these application so that they won't start at reboot even if after I had used it? Thanks.
I don't have these specific programs, but it may be worth going into the Tools menu and Preferences (or eqivalent) and find, under the General or Miscellaneous tab may be an option labelled, Show on log on, or Run on startup, in Windows Live Messenger, Its under Tools>Options>General
Great. Let me try those options. I did not think of that honestly. :)
Yahoo! Messenger has the option under Messenger, Preferences, General.
Thanks. I had changed the settings for both. It was basic and I should have checked it first.
Lesson learned. I can do more sophisticated tweaks but missed this simple one. :)

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