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6 Dec 2001
I was wondering if any of you programming guru's knew how to remove the top ad on AIM and replace it with a permanent picture. I know it can be done because I have seen it. I have been looking all over the interent for info on it but can't seem to find anything. I know how to remove the ads which can be done in the aim.odl file. I just don't know how to replace it with my own picture. Don't ask why I would want to do this, but if anybody has any ideas on how to do it I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
I know how to do it on a Mac...
Yes I know that doesn't help.
I used to use a little program called DeadAim to get rid of the ads (and the space they take up, it's really nice). I'm not sure what you would do to put your own picture where the ads used to be though. I switched to Trillian anway, so I could get rid of all the ads and extra crud in ICQ too.
yeah I found DeadAIM on the net and I know that works. I also know how to remove the ads and keep the space their so that I can insert my picture. I just need to know the code to insert that picture. Hope someone knows how to do it. I was thinking of switching to Trillian or that other one, but I would like to stick with AIM if I could. Oh well, thanks for the help.
Sorry I don't know any more. Good luck, and if you do figure it out, post it! That'd be great stuff to know.
I also used DeadAIM for a while, but the latest version of Trillian (0.70) has all the features I need and integrates the multiple protocols I use into one. Comparing the resources it uses to the total resources used by AIM, Windows Messenger, ICQ, and vIRC, it is also easier on the system. Trillian all the way!
I am not looking for just another ad remover. If you read my first sentence of my first post you will understand that I want to remove the ads and replace them with a picture. If you know how to do this please respond. Thank you.
This is your solution...

First do this......
To remove the ads entirely, make sure that AIM is not currently loaded. Browse to the root of your AIM install directory and open the file AIM.ODL in Notepad.

Scroll down until you see these lines:

load_ocm advert required
load_ocm advert required

Remove the lines inside the brackets, but leave the carriage returns. If you did this correctly, these lines should now look like this:


Save the file changes and close Notepad. If this was done right, the next time you open AIM and log on, there should be two blank spots at the top and bottom of your main AIM buddy list window. =)"
UPDATE: "Editing AIM.ODL works only if you manually load AIM. If AIM loads from SysTray, the ads still show up. :(
Besides using the fix above, I edited out all ADVERT.OCM contents.
No ads appear anymore when loading AIM either from SysTray or manually.
The second step, learn to use Resource Hacker, which is in the download can replace pics and many other things using it. Also ExeScope will work to replace the ads, the exact steps I no longer have, but have been able to do once in the past, as for removing them, the above steps leaves a blank space, no more annoying ads.
Just my thoughts but you pay for AOL and then get ads?!?
Unless I'm mistaken it's AOL's free instant messenger client, so it's free, and ad supported, though I use Trillian now so there's no ads anyway.

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