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AIM 6.0 Beta 1


The One and Only

new beta of a WHOLE new AIM. it is a much nicer look than the old one. much nicer looking interface. no more little sign on window that pops up in the middle of your screen, the login part is actually at the top of what will be your buddy list after you sign on. the entire thing has a kind of XP look, even the highlight when you click the name of a buddy.

Someone can post it in the news if they want to. might post screens in a few...... once i get my stupid keyboard tray to stop falling off.


This phase of the Beta test (Beta 1) is Windows XP only. We recommend that the software be installed on a machine with at least 256 MB of RAM.

The current build of the AIM Triton beta software is Version 0.1.12, and the main features of this release are:

* A modernized appearance and enhanced usability

* Address Book and Buddy List integration

* Support for multi-party voice chat.
Lot of ram needed.


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Lee said:
Lot of ram needed.
How is 256MB or RAM "lots"? I don't think you can find many machines that ship with less these days. Even cheap ones would do 256MB I would think. In the end the user will most likely end up updating to 512MB/1GB.


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Interesting they have given the Beta a codename. One thing I found while reading the "known issues" was this:
For Expressions/Smileys to work, you need flash installed
Why would they make smileys depend on flash?
yeah.... i actually stopped using it now and went back to trillian. for some stupid reason i couldn't log on for the second time to the service. entered my username and password perfectly, and it still said wrong password. think they still have a boatload of bugs to work out too.


Blame me for the RAZR's
the installer for this is horrible.. you can configure it for proxys so i simply cant use it on my connection with proxys.. over all looks cool noticed some weird connect to AOL network icon after i closed the aim beta in the system tray. annoying and im sure that there are shortcuts here and there.. im just gona stick with trillian 3 :) but they need some new skins for it.


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It sux .. Not as much malware/spyware, then it isn't final yet either. But it seems to depend on flash to much .. It also runs like crap ... Back to trillian I went ..
Johnny said:
But it seems to depend on flash to much .. It also runs like crap ...
Yeah runs like that no doubt partly to flash. Why would you use flash in a IM client anyways? Way to take what everyone hates on the net and put it into a piece of software that is suppose to make communication simple and quick. :(
So it is a messaging client that calls for more ram than the operating system that runs it does. I see.
You guys are missing the point. sure, computers ship with 256mb of ram, but, uhh, who wants a messaging client that runs 45-50 megs of it?
Actually looks to be AOL's attempt to covert people going to IRC/Skype and then throw in some flash to wow the kids and kill your machine. :(

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