Aida32 Discontinued


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14 May 2002
Sad to see it go, great piece of software

"As of March 24, 2004 we have decided to discontinue the development project that we all know as AIDA32. Development of AIDA32 has been started years ago, and the project went first public in April 2001. AIDA32 has become the de facto standard for both home and corporate system diagnosis and network audit, winning several awards including "Freeware Product of the Year" by Support Alert newsletter in December 2002. has well served this project almost without any issues, providing access to over half a million of users in 150 countries worldwide. For the exceptional quality of service, we'd like to send our special thanks to Hunet Kft, our internet service provider and software supplier. "
damn, useful little proggie that. :(

copied to front page :)

edit: remembered to add a little note to dpr ;)
Damn, kinda sad to see this great proggie go. It is one of the best. Will it still be available for download?
Ah, very sad.

What will I recommend to people when they need to find out system information now? SiSoft SANDRA still exists, but it's not freeware.
Hope the current version of AIDA sticks around, but it'll probably become obsolete as new hardware starts coming out. Too bad...
just get the latest will be good for some time, probably till longhorn, and maybe for that also

here's the latest, get it burn it, save copies

coathanger will always have a copy for us to download

hey coathanger

leechget download doesn't work, can you get a copy of that uploaded for me?
Thanks for the heads up. I don't need to mirror them at this point as they are still downloadable from the official site. PM me if the links are down for good and I'll upload them. Haven't been browsing the forums lately so best way to get my attention is through PM or email. :)
It's going to be shareware I bet. A bit like Sandra, hope they release educational free ones in future if it does.
my guess is they're getting ready for 64

no sense researching this product anymore...everything will be new
I think you two are talking the difference between the Personnel and the Professional????

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