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aida replacement


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I have got to be careful here as I have now put Aida in the dustbin. But it tells you what programmes you have installed, startup list and something to do with overclocking, I haven't worked that out yet.

Perris Calderon

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I have the advisor, aida and this

read the following cut and paste/


Lavalys Appoints Tamás Miklós as CTO and Executive Vice President of Software Engineering Research & Development

MONTRÉAL, CANADA (April 19, 2004) -- Lavalys Consulting Group, today officially announced that it has appointed effective January 1, 2004 former AIDA32 project leader, Tamás Miklós to its executive management team. In his new role of CTO and Executive Vice President of Engineering Research and Development, Tamás will head up R&D for Lavalys including the development of its flagship award winning EVEREST, a breakthrough technology that enables the cost-effective delivery of network audit and change management.

Tamás has spent over nine years developing revolutionary network auditing and administration products. Tamás has a huge recognized software development and engineering background in the fields of network audit, system diagnostics, change management, asset and desktop management, system benchmarking and software licensing.

"Lavalys is unique in its engineering capabilities and resources, and I am thrilled to become part of such a dynamic team. The company has the potential to really capitalize on the growing network audit, change management and administration needs both domestically and in emerging international markets. I am hopeful that my experience will help us to make an indelible mark on the industry," stated Tamás Miklós.

Roger Marion, Lavalys' CEO added, "We are elated that Tamás has joined our executive management team and will support our company through his years of proven experience in engineering. It will not only benefit our products and our users, but also gives us access to the tremendously extensive skills Tamás has to further develop our solutions and expand our user community. Tamás is an extremely important asset to us and will further enhance the technical advancements and commercial application of our products."

About Lavalys Consulting Group

Lavalys is a leading provider of application and network management solutions. Our products increase the performance and uptime of business-critical applications while driving down the total cost associated with running those applications. By focusing on both the people and technology that make applications run, Lavalys enables IT professionals to achieve more with fewer resources. Lavalys is a privately held company based in Montréal (Canada) and has sales and R&D offices in Hungary, and Italy.

Contact Information

Lavalys Consulting Group, Inc.



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Thanks Perris, look almost certain then that all the benefits of Aida wil be incorporated into the Everest program. I can't see my product licence numbers in Everest, except for the Windows one, quite a few of them showed in Aida

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