Ahhh Boxter or GTO

Boxter or GTO

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Mr. Bananagrabber
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12 Jan 2006
ahh, i been talking to idiots!
Why would you ever take a boxter over a gto, there is no comparison!
Handling, name, looks, driveability.
Steevo is right, but let's face it, the Boxter is the poor mans Porsche. If you have that much cash to spend, then getting an older 996 is a much better choice.
Nah, hes not...
Boxter is a poor man's porche, if you get one, you will be looked down upon by other porche owners, and i will spit on the car.
I hate the boxter, its a wimpy car not worth 50 thousand dollars.
33k for the new GTO...
Absolutely, the GTO name, the 400hp power, the handling, the looks. GTO is the way to go. If you were to compare specs, there is no comparison.
Alternatively, you could learn how to spell Boxster before spitting on it ;)


You get a porsche v/s a car that has been EOL for a year. I dunno, I would probably go for the Boxster. That, and it handles pretty well and doesn't weigh 10 tons, nor does it need a gigantic engine to produce its horses.
The boxster has no hp...
Its no faster than a sedan
Plus the new gto isnt nearly as big as the old ones.
I like the gto, no doubt.

But, the boxster handles well :)

And, its a convertible.
How about this for a choice... I'll take either one and be happy.

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