ah themes aren't working --- i have uxtheme patch

Ok my themes somewhat aren't working. They use to work before. I have SP1 and I have uxtheme patch thing installed. And whenever i try to do a theme it changes everything except for the taskbar and the top window bar.
It still changes icons and desktop.

And i know its not the theme's fault b/c i've tried a lot and I use to have Foreverblue and corona working but not they won't. :(


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Everyone to his own likes is what I say.

I like StyleXP, and anyway, since NIS 04 is busy hoovering up resources on my computer, it makes StyleXP look minimal so I don't mind it :D
Well, it doesn't matter if StyleXP is crap or not. Just a matter of personal preference. I use the UXtheme patched because it's free, and does the job.

Anyways, let's get back to solving the problem at hand. prodj: Try going to your themes folder (usually, C:\WINDOWS\Resources\Themes\<themename>) and double click the .msstyle file. That should bring up Display Properties with the theme loaded in the Appearance tab.
There's a difference between .theme and .msstyle files. The first is a whole set, usually with icons, wallpapers etc...the .msstyle file is just the taskbar and titlebar/widget skin. From what I gathered, it looks like you're trying to apply the .theme files. Try it with the .msstyle files instead.
Watch for spyware on StyleXP when it takes you to ThemeXP the themes with the small red star brings other things with it. They call it wrapping

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