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Agpx4 To X8 Adapter

Ive heard or read on a techy site that there is a adapter card of some sort so you can get agpx8 on motherboards which only have x4.Any info on this would be of help,rather than having to get a x8 m/board.Many thanks.

Hi thanks for the info,but im sure i read about it on one of the tecy sites.Maybe youre right.Suppose i'll have to get a new mobo then.Would i notice any difference in game etc having x8 rather than x4?


hardware monkey
it would be impossible to push agp8x bandwidth through an agp4x slot. that'd be like having usb1.1 and getting a usb2.0 'adapter' for it. no such thing. it's limited to the slowest part.

besides, there' no real-world difference between agp4x and 8x. maybe in a year or three we will start seeing real differences. keep your mobo.

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