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AGP Clip?



Being the stupid person that I am :D I decided to take out my GeForce 2 Ti (LeadTek) and replace it with a GeForce 4 Ti.

I tugged my graphics card but strangley it felt like it was glued into the brown AGP port.

I pulled it really hard :rolleyes: and when it came out :D there were 2 black pieces of plastic broken in half :eek:

In my years of opening a PC and removing AGP gfx cards I aint seen anything like this.

Anyway I thought I didnt need the plastic clip until I put the GeForce 2 Ti back in and the computer beeped 8 times in a row followed by 3 more beeps in a row.

I thought WTF!!!! How can some plastic thing which isnt even connected to the gfx card itself cause problems?

I had this GeForce 2 in my old PC too and I didnt have this clip (I put thie gfx card in myself in the old PC). I assume when I got my PC upgraded (from a fried MS 6340) by some shop that this clip came with the new Motherboard (GigaByte 7ZX).

So i got the clip back into place after messing about for an hour and the PC boot up.

Anyway can anyone shed some light on these AGP clips or whatever they are called and where I can buy a replacement.

Thanx ;)


Ok so I found out what they are called and this is what it is:

Where can I get one? :)

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