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I have a Shuttle AI61 MoBo, Athlon 800, 128 MB of 133 SDRAM,and a Geforce 2 MX200. Under the BIOS I have the option of setting my AGP aperture size. The default is 128 but can be set to 256, is any reason not to do this and will it benefit me?
Also I get the option of setting my RAM speed, default is 100/33
and can be set to 133/33, will this overclock to 1064 and fry everything? If it does why would they put that option?

Thanks Joe
You can set your agp aperture to 256, but it won't do anything since you only have 128mb of ram...and on another note, almost zero applications take advantage of side-band addressing so usually the agp aperture doesn't even matter

You can try clocking your ram up, the worst that can happen is your computer won't post so you'll have to clear the bios by using the clear jumper on the mobo or such and reset it, but the chances of you completely frying the board are slim
I also heard that nearly no apps use the agp aperture size (think it was in toms hardware corner). With your 128 MB RAM I would even recommend to reduce the apperture size to 64 MB (should be the default of your bios)
AGP aperture size reflects the amount of system memory you are going to allow the Graphics card to use, should it run out of memory onboard.
Ideally you dont want the graphics card to use any system memory as transfers across the AGP bus are soooo sloooow in comparison to the local memory on the Gfx card.
The local memory on the card gets populated usually before the data is needed so you dont see how slowly it loads across.
However, seeing as most cards these days have 32MB or 64MB, its not really an issue as most games dont exceed that.

My advice is set it to whatever you want ;) as long as you dont set it to 8MB or lower as this will turn off DirectX !!!
Mines set to 64MB. It doesnt use the system ram unless it needs it.

If you want to check if it affects your performance, why not benchmark your Graphics system with different aperture settings, using say 3DMark 2000/2001.
Hey I have 512mb of ram, so should i put my to 256??
go read some 3d can set it to whatever you want, the chances of it being used are slim to know,

AGP aperture is only used when the card's onboard memory is full AND the card requests it using Side band addressing

Most cards have side band addressing, few use it because textures are flushed in and out of the cards ram so often that even when it gets fullthere is no need to use system ram

so set it to what ya want, and you can run some 3dmark tests, but I've set mine to 32mb up to 256mb, and never got any real variation among tests
64 is the average.
u dont even need this set to anythg higher then this... more and it decreases the performance.
Most written articles say that the ideal is 50% of the system ram.

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