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AGP 8X Voltage?


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Originally posted by Ezergeezer
Can you run an 8X agp vid card on a 4x agp mobo ?
I've heard that the voltages that certain cards run at wont allow you to.
yes you can...

problem is there are different types of agp slots... you need to have a certain voltage supported to run some video cards...

just make sure you know what voltage your agp supports and what is required by the video card before making the purchase...

if there is no voltage problem... you have no problem running an 8x card in a 4x slot... :)

I do it :D


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and an example of vidcard that doesn't fit in an AGP4X slot .. [ ? ] .. I'm askin cause I want also to upgrade to an DX9 AGP8x vidcard .. :rolleyes:


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all agp8x cards are backwards compatible to 4x and even 2x. also, all 8x slots are backwards compatible to 4x and 2x cards. :)

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