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AGP 4X Cards

Hey All

My Geforce FX 5800 Ultra has failed on me, n so im using my dads Geforce 3, which he aint happy about lol, anyway i need to get a really good AGP 4x Graphics Card (Strictly 4x, not 8x/4x) so i can Give him his Geforce 3 back and so i can get a farily ok card being AGP 4x untill PNY Replace My Broken Card, and when i get my replacement my dad can have the new AGP 4x card, as 8x Cards dont work on his Mobo, well they do abit but Bottleneck is huge, like we tried my Fx5800 ultra in it ages ago n it cudnt even run the wolfman demo at over 10 FPS. Anyway please List the Best AGP 4x Cards, They can b Nvidia or ATI. If u live in uk can u provide rough prices or Websites. Please Help.




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you'll have to go with an old fx card, the best solution would be to buy a new mobo, as it seems kinda dumb to buy a NEW 4x agp card now, as the card wont be able to play many new games or even recent games well, and you'll only be spending the money again as you'll have to upgrade.
My Dad hardly uses his pc he plays the old MOH Games on it, which is bout it so he dont really need a new mobo, plus he'd prob have to get new Processor and Memory as his pc is bout 4 or so yrs old i think.
Erm i kinda thought the problem had gone away, which it obv didnt as like a month or so later the Card has completly failed on me. n i dont need a new mobo 4 the 6 Series as my pc is 8x Agp etc, its my dads pc which is 4x n so if i get a cheap 4x card to last me till i get my replacement he can have it if its better than his geforce 3.
Yea ive heard the Geforce Beats all the Mx's and cant seem to find many AGP 4x Ti's now i can only find the Ti SE ones which r 8X, a Good 4x Ti 64 - 128 mb (128 preferably) wud b ok, i dont know anything bout ATI Cards really b4 the 9600 so dunno what r 4x or what
Just been on the Nvidia site and it says there ti4600 is 4x with 128mb, but i cant find a website selling them. and as we r stillin in the holiday season im not gona send my Fx Card to pny till after new yrs most likely but i need the card by end of the week really, n i dont really trust ebay but ebay will b my last option probably.


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agp 4x - 8x should not bottleneck your setup per se... speed difference is negligible though the theoretical throughput is high


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some mobo's don't support the newer 4x/8x agp cards... that may well have been the problem...

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