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Agfa Drivers



Can anyone advise me if there is an XP driver for my Agfa Snapscan 310. I have tried the Agfa website but it is that slow I have given up.


I'm sorry Hal...
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found this on their site

"For older scanners with a parallel port such as SnapScan EZ, SnapScan 310p, SnapScan 1212p, SnapScan 1200p, ScanWise 1.4 is the correct driver that supports Windows 2000, it does not support Windows XP."

so it doesn't look like it (although i couldn't get on their actual support site http://support.agfa.com/)


I'm sorry Hal...
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their support site is now working and i found this

Download Beta Drivers for Agfa Parallel Port Scanners

General Description

Windows 2000 Beta drivers for Agfa parallel port scanners and some older SCSI and USB scanners. This is non-released software which does not guarantee to work properly in all cases. In most cases, the drivers work without problems. While functioning on XP is not guaranteed, preliminary testing has indicated that these drivers will work with XP.

Software Profile
Software Name Beta Drivers for Agfa Parallel Port Scanners
Software Type Driver
Version Beta
Release Date 22-FEB-2000
Supported Product SnapScan, SnapScan 1200p, SnapScan 1212p, SnapScan 300, SnapScan 310, SnapScan 310p, SnapScan 600, SnapScan 600 Artline, SnapScan EZ
Supported Platform PC
Supported OS Windows 2000, Windows Me, Windows98
Supported Language English

there are several options to download so you'll have to look yourself

go to the link on my previous post then select your model then click the disc icon, then select beta drivers

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