Age of Empires & Win XP - SBLive &Unreal

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by BuZTaH, Dec 23, 2001.

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    this game wont work no matter what i try, it works on everyone else's computer i know with windows XP, in the install program right when its getting ready to start copying it comes up with that error message that asks if you want to send an error report or not. ive tried running it in all the compatibility mode, copying the source files to my hard drive & attempting to install from there, i even tried partitioning off a 1 gig chunk of my hard drive in fat32 format so it would be more windows 98'ish.. that went bad.. i didnt know you could do that in windows so it took me like 4 hours b4 i found that.. anyways this is the only game ive ever been good at and id like to continue playing it. PLEASE help me out, im really close to backing up all my stuff and reinstalling..

    and sometimes in multiplayer games of unreal tournament my sound is distorted really bad, only in multiplayer, over the net or networked. have a SB Live Value card.

    once again PLEASE
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    Try installing it in safe mode.
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    been there