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Age of Empires II on widescreen monitor


OSNN One Post Wonder
Hello, and thanks for reading. About a week ago my Asus Laptop was dropped during a little garage band practice. The LCD screen was broken so I am now running an HDMI cable to my old bedroom TV a 19 inch Dynex LCD(garbage I know it came with the place:)).

Anyways everytime I open "Age of Empires II, Conquerors" It is cutting off the edge of my screen on all four sides. This is the list of things I have done to try and fix it already.

-tried all compatibility modes in combination with different settings such as 256 colors, 640x480, /vis themes, /desktop comp, /display scaling on hdpi, and of course run as admin.
-updated video card drivers
-dabbled with a virtual box to run the game, but was unsuccessful.

Also I have tried every resolution available to me outside the game in every combination with the internal resolutions.

The problem seems to be that the game insists on running in its programed resolutions (800x600, and 1024x768) and will not run windowed mode.

XP ran fine, and my dad also runs the game on his 60 inch plasma without a problem.

Any help or experience with this problem in this game or another would be much appreciated!


OSNN One Post Wonder
I've just realized something that may be the issue, but I still don't know how to fix it. A 19 inch monitor's native res is 1440x900, but when I use that resolution I get the same overscan that the game does in its resolutions. In most resolutions my Nvidia Cntrl panel will allow me to change screen size, but in the native resolution it does not...(strange) If anyone can solve that problem I have a feeling it may solve my other issue.
nvidia will only scale if it thinks the display is a HDTV, you could try and work out how many pixels the screen overscans and make a custom resolution smaller by that amount.

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