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after start up woes



hey guy's..my first post after finding this board so i hope i can contribute along the way
I am gettin alot of H.D activity about 15 secs after i get to desktop and sometimes it doesnt happen till i go to open a program and then i get this mad H.D thrashin for about 30 secs and nothing can be done till its stops :(
I only have my virus checker on startup but thats allready loaded and has never been a problem b4 (VET antivirus)
my start up folder is empty and unless its something invisable i have nothing else running after startup.
i have formatted for another reason but it still does it
I have seen somewhere that your hd can perform an INDEXING task to make serching it faster.....could that be it ...i really dont know but any suggestions would be appreciated,.,.,.thnkx :)


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yeah I have about 10 seconds of activity but it is the virus loading up...

you have nothing else coming on at startup?

if your icons are visible for sound and stuff then it is something else starting up... make sure you system tray is visible in the bottom right and see what icons are loading up...

speed of computer and ram info might help... mine is real slow and I get about 10 odd seconds of activity... 30 seconds may be a lot... depending on what you got running at startup..


thanks sazar99
im pretty fussy about what goes on in my box as im sure we all are and thats what is fustrating....
only thing in the system tray is virus checker and clock,every thing else is manual as i like a bit of fraggin so its easier to turn them on as i need them rather than turn them all off when i want to play lol.
im runnin a p3700 @ 866
512mg pc 133 hyundai ram
gf2 ti ddr card and xp pro


weel yes i do TwoZigzagColt45
i leave my c: just for windows and install most apps on d:
do u think there could be a certain proggie trying to link itself back to c or somethink????????


Most antivirus programmes upon bootup scans a certain amount of files
Should be an option to disable it in the vet programme
and see if that stops it.
If you cant find it in the vet prog
uninstall vet and see if that stops the prob
( At the very least you will eliminate vet as the prob )
and you can always reinstall it


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Originally posted by HaMmA
weel yes i do TwoZigzagColt45
i leave my c: just for windows and install most apps on d:
do u think there could be a certain proggie trying to link itself back to c or somethink????????
This is definitely your problem your apps & os need to be together, especially the apps that have an entry in msconfig or services or any other program that has a connection to windows; whats happening is once windows has launched it then has to read a second volume, XP is not as good as previous versions when it comes to reading multiple partitions at bootup. Although I do recommend putting your games, MP3s & movies on a seperate FAT32 partition they really dont need the NTFS treament


Makes sense m8...ill start with uninstallin vet and then if all is the same ill have a look in msconfig and services and transfer some over and see what happens....
btw...when i go into task manager and have a peek under process's "System idle Process" has a cpu of 95--99 %
and in performance cpu usage is 0 or hardly anything...is this normal
thanks to u all for a fast reply :)

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