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This was submitted as news. Figured I post it here for those admin that don't get a chance to check out submitted news :)
I haven't deleted it, I'll leave that to you:

Hi webmaster of NTFS,

My name is Ben Williams the founder of eDownloads.org!
And i want to ask you if you like to make a link exchange with our site.
we will give you a good spot on our mainpage.

If you are interested please mail us back
and we will add your link asap.

Our site info:
name: eDownloads.org
url: http://www.edownloads.org

if you perfer a button then you can download it here

ps sorry that i used this submit
news to contact you but another way was not posible.

thank you for your time, and we hope to hear from you soon.


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It's got "Mail Order Bride" bull sh!t link at the top of their page and other... ummmmm, odd links on the page also.

I don't know if we want to Affiliate with that, since we are always pushin the no p0rn thing here. :huh:

Just my comment, if anyone cares to listen.


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Heh, I didn't even look at it, was busy trying to post news and get ready to go out. Oh well just ignore this then :)
Originally posted by Electronic Punk
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hahhaa... bet thats a static setting.. its still

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At least the dude could put some effort into it... stick some random strings in there... fs

big no :)


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