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Adware/spyware prog

I've heard Adaware is no longer making new updates (bummer). So, I am looking for a new program that will do the same thing. Does anyone know of one that works well?

Perris Calderon

Staff member
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spybot is very nice replacement.

I don't have the link, do a google search for it

be very carefull on your first scan...amke sure you read all the microsoft entries before deleting them, as some you are sure to not want to delete
Thanks SPeedy! I'll check it out. I know I could have found several myself, but I figured someone else out there had already done it and weeded out the crappy ones.


Lavasoft is not making anymore updates for their Adaware version 5.XX software... they will be releasing a new version of their software (ver. 6.XX) in Jan for paying customers, and Feb for freeware...

I'm a genius (that or I read 714 other websites that posted this info yesterday).

Glad I could spread the great news.

Perris Calderon

Staff member
Political User
thanx for the update poly...I also saw your post over at the lavasoft board

this is news, and important enough to get it's own thread

I haven't downloaded the program yet, we'll get a review as soon as someone tries it.

thanx again

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