Advisory: Stop buying creative audio products

I don't/haven't since the whole ordeal of the gold sound cards and Windows 98 drivers. Buncha **** bastards if you ask me.

Besides I like to be able to pass FULL QUALITY DTS and Dolby through my digital outs. Verified.

C-media chip on my Turtle Beach. Maybe unsigned drivers but I have no issues.
Got an asus xonar d2 in my pc. I'm led to believe by various web reports and driver filenames/copyright details that it's a cmedia chip. Works perfectly with vista and my games :)

Game my old x-fi to a work colleague for free, didn't seem right charging for broken unsupported hardware :)
On the surface looke like CL has shot themseleves in the foot lets see what happens with this one
Lol...I ditched Creative years ago. Their forums are constant flamewars and their community people are continually at wit's end. I have no idea how they became so dominant in high end audio. There's too many alternatives now; they're toast if they don't shape up.

And now they're openly threatening to sue the one person who is making a difference for their users?

They need to offer him a job instead, because it seems the entire Creative community is demanding the head of Phil O'Shaughnessy on a platter.
wow..i rarely post, specially when is simply a comment, but i feel i must now.

I've been a creative user for many years, and probably 6 months ago bought what i believe is my last card...further more, i WILL call creative tomorrow and demand my money back, since ive been un able to use their product with vista 64 since i bought the card.

What a bunch of bastards there....ugh.:mad:
yep, their support is, and always has been, awful and close to non existant

this doesnt surprise me a bit
I still use SB Live 5.1 and it works great so I have not found a reason to update to anything else.
I don't understand that thread at all - I've got an X-Fi Xtreme Music card and I've been running Vista x64 for a while now without an issue. Which cards are having problems?
i was reading about this last night they have definitely ****ed themselves here, mind you most boards now come with 8 chan HD Audio cards on board and they seem to do the job most people want, i had to remove my x-fi elite pro from vista as it was a pain in the ass, that and the drivers couldn't do ac3 or dts properly.
Ah I see - some kind of DTS/Dolby problem? I don't use that so that's probably why I've never had a problem. I can't believe how infamous that thread has become in just a day - I wonder if Creative will turn this into a PR stunt, making a massive u-turn and hiring the guy? That would be a lot of publicity for very little cost and would definitely be the sensible thing to do. Wow.
i do too - in the pc - connected to the tv - htpc, mainly because you cant watch x264 through any player yet :) - plus it saves on space, no stero, no dvd/hd player :D
Creative screwed the pooch. This is going to be the worst PR nightmare they have ever had.
Its like this.

A song in HD audio that exceeds the abilities of the sound card can't be streamed out to a receiver in full quality. So imagine paying for a supposed high quality card for a HTPC, or or a multi-media center but trying to watch a movie in low quality audio on a system that highlights everything.
Karma can be a bitch.....bad move creative....
Someone posted that Forbes predicted a 36% hit on their stock Monday morning.

Watching a company as big as this come apart like this over one weekend because of a single post is wild.

Shame on you, Creative for that.

Makes me glad i got an azunetech card. Though some money goes to creative azunetech makes the drivers *score* using DTS in vista 64 with a few ventrilio problems. This does confirm my last creative card purchase though. RIP are dead to me :)

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