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Advice on file management applications, please?


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Although there are MANY file management applications for Windows out there (I've read descriptions of dozens and downloaded several for trials) I am having trouble finding one with all of the features listed below. I assume that once I start using an app I will be "married" to it (in the sense that getting everything cataloged, annotated/categorized will take enough time that I won't want to switch to another lightly). What applications (free, shareware or commercial) exist that do this? If more than one, what is the best or your favorite? Thanks in advance!

1) Allow the importing of file information from specified local or network drives or removable CDs or DVDs, with/without directory recursion
2) Automatic inclusion of MP3 ID3, JPEG or other tag info from popular file formats
3) Allow manual attachment of comments/annotations/categories to cataloged files
4) Ability to revisit directories and find new files needing cataloging
5) Ability to detect possible duplicate files across directories or disks
6) Ability to search for files using either file properties, contents, assigned categories/comments

I have found applications that will do the above just for MP3s, or just for digital photo images, or will do all but allow me to add my own comments/categories, or won't find duplicate files. The trick is finding it all in one package. I realize it's a tall order, so I don't expect freeware, but I'd think someone would have created a commercial app (or maybe they did and I've just managed to overlook it).


OSNN One Post Wonder
Thanks, a1ehouse. I downloaded WhereIsIt and gave it a trial run. At first I saw as a problem that when WhereIsIt extracts the tag info (such as from MP3s or digital camera images) it makes them pure text data. Some other organizers (that are targeted at specific file types) automatically create categories for albums/artists/genre/etc. Later I realized that by searching on the text descriptions and highlighting the results you can mass assign categories and accomplish the same thing as other programs.

So this is great! Thanks again for your help!


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just for pictures...

I came across this teensy renaming utility today which, whilst irrelevant for MP3's could be handy for people that import bulk photos and want to keep them meaningfully organized (something I have a hard time doing myself, and I do not take that many!)

If that linkie is dodgey just go to this site and click for digital camera images

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