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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by brassman, Dec 20, 2002.

  1. brassman

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    I bought my daughter a Cendyne 48X12X48X burner for Christmas. Looking for suggestions and advice to make the installation go as smoothly as possible
  2. Jahya

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    It's pretty simple really b/c XP is good about recognizing most hardware. Just read the manual, most burners recommend that you set the jumper to master and set the cd-rom as a slave.

    When I upgraded from my old burner (Creative 6x4x6) which had to be set as a slave due to conflicts, I just switched my rom to slave and set the new one (Memorex 52x24x52) as the master and XP did the rest. Once I booted up, I was ready to burn.
  3. Nick M

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    Open up. Look for a free 5 1/2 drive.

    Pop the drive in, and secure it with the screws, attach a free IDE cable, and you're set.

    However, I am assuming that your daughter has 1 drive allready, and this is the second.

    The primary drive, the one she allready has, is most likely set on master.

    There are little jumpers in the back of the drive, that usually say MA, CS, and SL. Master, Cable Select, and Slave.

    Cable select causes problems, so forget about it. When you get the new drive, check the old one to see what it is set on, and set the new drive accordingly, meaning, if the old is master, the new is slave.

    Connect, insert a power cable, and, presto. You're done.

    Windows will auto detect. Install CD burner software, and put some pressure on that baby.
  4. brassman

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    Thanks Jahya and Nick M-

    The install went without a hitch.