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advanced permissions: lan & local users



I am trying to setup WinXP Pro so that I have a set ammount of shares on my C: NTFS partition some with read only some with write etc. etc. etc. and only read to my entire D: NTFS partition which also has a 'DUMP' where I currently give *all users* complete access, which I want to only give 'make' access with no delete/change permissions, except for the locals who can change things in there, but not delete them. If you see what I mean.

I am not exactly sure where I stand with networking and communications as there are several options that I have either managed somhow to work arround or void like fast user switching which refuses to enable :/ (apart from that, there isn't too much thats being silly on the comp.)

also I have searched the forums for articles on this and there seems to be none, if you can fine one please tell me.

I am able to set local permissions fine and on-writting I will be testing them within the next few days, what the problem is , is the permissions for remote users, which I read you have to create a new user for each of these sub users (my ideal remote user is a win98se user with standard install), however, another of the querks of my system is that I dont need to do this, I have checked all the user resources, and I am sure of it, though everything does work.

when I try to add a user to it w/ & w/out a domain it cannot as it does not have the correct location, it only has "JAVA" ('my computer name') however when I add other local users as either "user" or "JAVA\user"(where user is the local account) it is fine.
Does this mean I have to create a local user?? I am ideally wanting to add a new location, as surely there would not be a entire options box just to tell me I am on "JAVA" ???

any help is appreciated thx :) :confused:



^^ this is the page which imho highlights my problem/inconvienyence
in the locations it shows your own computer, though if you actually look at the dialog on the box it seems to suggest you can have users from other locations other than your PC. If this box is a static analitical box IE you cant do anything about it fine, well I have a further question, is there any way to implement users via a text file as I have some lan parties which are mainly 9x users, and I usually know who I want to access the network before they do so. So if I could say have a list of them that I could edit, that would be my ideas situation, even if it was just command based that would do I suppose, since graphical interfaces are inherantly slow.

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