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alright.. this may seem like a dum newbie question, but how do you enable advanced sharing in xp home edition? is it impossible? i read teh guid, and looked under tools>folder options>view and scrolled to the bottom, but it's not there. was it not included in the home edition, or what?

Thx for any help :)
Open folder options and uncheck "Use Simple File Sharing (Recomended)." Its toward the bottom of the list of options.

i tired that... there is nothing with (reccomended) beside it except "Hide protected operating system files (reccomended)"
Did i miss something in the install? orw what:confused:
no you didn't miss anyuthing in install

you need the drive which you want advanced networking on to be NTFS. to convert the drive simply type CONVERT C: /FS:NTFS at a command prompt you will need to restart your computer and it may take a while.

after the pc is restarted simply go into folder options and the option use simple file sharing will be there it will be checked simply uncheck it reboot and hey presto!!!

PS You need to log on as administrator to make all the changes above.

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