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Advanced Logon Screen Manager with Randomize!!



Hello, I am from Sub Seven Software. We are currently developing an Advanced LogonUI Manager. It is 99% done. We are finishing up partner deals with other companies before we do final release, which should be Wednesday at the latest. Our program: XP LogMod is much faster, safer and reliable than all of the current LogonUI Managers. The program is freeware of course. It offers a host of great new useful features such as random Logon screen. We use a very safe method. It can be set by hours or when Windows loads so that the next time you reboot, it is different!

We have a downloadable beta version(fully functional, no bugs so far) that you can find here: http://www.sub-seven.com/statistics/download.cgi?download=LogMod.exe -- Please let us know what you would like to see so that we can make it more than the best LogonUI manager out!

XP LogMod has already received rave reviews and massive downloads without even publicly releasing it yet! We hope you enjoy, let us know what you think.


ps, I do not know which is the correct thread to post this in, so I am posting to the most logical ones. I do not mean to be obstrusive


OK. You need to first do your research. We have a reputable past of award winning software and so on. We are a legit company.

Visit our homepage: www.sub-seven.com.

XP LogMod has already been approved by neowin.net too by the way.


The ignorance seems to be on your side. Do you deal with all CEO's this way? :}

Also, if you had experience, you would have used your eyes before your mouth. Or in this case..your fingers.


Lonman, no apology required. I see where you are coming from and understand.

We will be posting the LogMod homepage hopefully by tonight, things have just been hectic around here.


I for one believe him and think you should lay off until further notice.

Give the guy a break and quit flaming.


God damn, Lonman, take it easy. You could always scan the file with your virus scanner. And unlike "IE 7 Beta," this is not completely improbable bullshit. The sub-seven site looks legit, and the file is on the sub-seven server as well. "You can take your ignorance and shove it up your crack punk?" Just because you're posting on a message board instead of talking face to face doesn't give you license to act like a jerk.


Lord, it's a miracle! Not only is it virus and trojan free, it's actually software! Oh my God! Seriously, I haven't made a feature by feature comparison of this to XP LogonUI, but both do what they say they do. The Favorites section might be nice, but I don't switch screens that often. I'm the only user on this computer, and I don't reboot often.
You're absolutely correct!!! I said if an apology was forthcoming that i would offer one. S7S I've researched your program in another direction, thru trusted sources, and i've discovered that this is a legitimate product, i offer my sincerest apology to you and your company. I hope this thing shines as THE product to have. Good luck in your current and all future endeavors, please forgive my totaly acting like an ass.


Thanks for the reply Lonman. Some people get all pissed off when they appear to have made a mistake. I'm glad you're not like that. Take it easy all, and XP your way to a new future (or not, whatever floats your boat).

I've just read through this V Internesting post... as soon as i heard sub 7 giving us a download i was about to close the thread :)

Then read on to see it was tested and that it works virus free... became gut-head... got all excited cos was about to use my POWER :)

MdSalih - about to look @ the programme... :)



If you could figure out how to program it to use to make it easier to undrstand the XML varient code and change and make logonui files, you would REALLY have a KILLER
neat programme :)

Nice programme.. just hope no back doors :) Only j/k :)

anyone know how to set up that NULLSOFT extraction thing to unextract and execute the login.exe file... thats pretty l33T... but i can't work out how to do it :(



OSNN Senior Addict
cant blame people for wondering about it...
subseven in a line... and exe file
after all the viruses and trojans going around especially lately, you gotta tread your steps carefully


OSNN Senior Addict

Just wanted you guys to know this, so no need to worry:
Sub-7 Software:

Robert Lyttle, a young mind looking to spread his knowledge and talent formed a group of programmers. In early 1998 Robert then established the company Sub Seven Software. The team was ready to get out in the open and be recognized for what they had in their brain-streams. From there it began to grow as a company whose mission was to develop user friendly security and privacy solutions. Today Robert Lyttle is now known as a world famous top-hat computer genius. The title was given to him by many media outlets. He is now leading the company to reach great feats.

We are in no way affiliated with the backdoor trojan horse - "sub7."

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