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adsl what is best ???????



i am looking into getting adsl i am looking for everyones thought on this what is the best package/modem/isp etc . i am looking at the tiscali package at the moment but i have heard some are having problems with online gaming . i am going to be using it alot for online games and downloading . is it tru that bt limit what you download ???????

thanks for any thought's on this topic stuart .
Lucky dip as far as ADSL goe's, every ISP has it's own problems,
strangely even BT who own all the gear !

The Tiscali package is bit of a weird one, its based on the BT IPStream 500 but download speed quoted as 5 times faster not ten times faster than Dialup !

Go for what you can afford, prices and packages vary wildly.

Unless your downloading 24/7 you should be ok.


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well i wouldent put it past bt to limit the ammount you can download , if you would like more info on what isp to take for your adsl connection then goto www.adslguide.org but dotn go with pipex as they sux, i use them and they are allways having problems.
BT do have a limit on how much you download, Tiscalli suck and are very slow and have connection problems, Pipex are quite good I heard, but the one i am with for 512/256 adsl is Plusnet, they are excellent, fast (60kbps average for me!) and i never have any problems connecting. www.plus.net (not sure if they are available to scotland though) :p

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