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ADSL Overhead

Daeron Tinúviel

OSNN Senior Addict
hi, I need to know what is the typical ADSL overhead and the typical speeds test results for conecctions that are between 256/128, 512/256, 768/256 and 1024/512.....Our ADSL modem/Routers are 2wire 1800hw.....any input will be very helpful thanks

Daeron Tinúviel

OSNN Senior Addict
ok, i know that test but what i need is the typical overhead for those speeds.....i wanna know if it is normal to get a speed of 420/200(ADSL) for a connection of 512/256(ADSL)


Glaanies script monkey
Political User
typically you should get between 80-90% of the advertised speed, so 410/200+ is about right.

Daeron Tinúviel

OSNN Senior Addict
ok, thats the thing i wanna know.....one more thing, here where i live cable company offers 512/128 i have try them and i sometimes i get hihger speeds and file downlaods are at 64 contrary to DSL that downloads are like 50-55, any ideas why? does some cable companys offer more bandwith to compensate for signal loss?

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