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ADSL Modem/Router


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After running a successful Broadband Campaign to get my local Exchange upgraded I have been getting requests to assist in setting up the hardware. There doesn't appear to be any problem with just setting up, and using an USB Modem, which people just plug in, follow the instructions on the software cd, and connect to the Internet. The problems appear to be with people using Modem/Routers. Some just want to share an internet connection, and others want full Network sharing. Anyone got any simple advice on this issue please. I am refering to the UK.


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The one having trouble at the moment is a Zoom 4 port Modem/Router. I haven't had time to visit him, so I have been trying to help over the telephone. If he doesn't resolve it himself I will visit him and see what I can do. I just thought it best to get as much info as possible on this subject, as I don't think he will be the only one having trouble.

Like I said the USB modems seem fairly easy to set up. Of course the other trouble is that people are not buying the hardware from the ISP supplying them with Broadband, which is fair enough if they can find them cheaper elsewhere, but of course they cannot expect ISPs to give help setting up the modem if they didn't supply it.

ps Sorry I posted this in the wrong forum section, my mistake.
lol dont worry about it its what us mods are here for ;)

Most of the routers need some kind of web setup done, to give the username and password and a few other basic settings, but other than that it is usually fine. if you have any big problems let us know and we will see what we can do


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I haven't had a chance to visit this Guy yet, but from what he tells me, he has two Lan connectors on his computer. One is a 3 Comm lan and the other a Nvidia lan. Can either of these be used for his ADSL Router/Modem? He also tells me that when he tries to install the Zoom software, from the CD, his computer locks up, and he has to go into safe mode, and restore to a previous date. He is running XP Pro.


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for some reason when xp see's 2 lan options it creates a network bridge. it kills the connection on the spot. and he should be able to access the router via telnet or a http addy such as

i dont know of many routers that 'need' the software installing.


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Neat thread - this is one I shall sub to and may even post a useful finding, as I have new machine and am about to wi-fi it with my old one and replace modem with ADSL network router and I am in the UK (and yes, the ones ISPs sell are very overpriced, so I went for EdiMax personally, and shall post how I get on (eventually).
This is from the USA but for what it's worth:

The only setup problem I've seen in the last 5 years is that the ADSL Modem takes longer to boot and connect than any of my 4 PCs. Because of this there is no internet connection when IE/Netscape/Outlook/Eudora is loaded and they come up blank or with connection error messages.

The solution was trivial. I keep the Modem and Router on all the time. I always have a connection ready at boot and it keeps my dynamic IP static. It hasn't changed in 3 years.

If you want to be able to power everything off and on at the same time you can use the dos command (you can use a dos box or "run" under "start) "ipconfig /renew". It will get you a new connection. Then open your email and browser software.

If you want a more idiot tolerant approach create a shortcut on the desktop and change the "target" to:

C:\WINDOWS\system32\ipconfig.exe /renew

Then just double click the shortcut and it well renew your internet connection so the browser and email will work.

You could also use a batch file on the desktop that runs ipconfig, and then opens outlook and explorer.

Or just leave the modem and router on...


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I have manahged to get his modem to connect to the internet. I found a wire connector in the plug loose. Still haven't managed to instal it though he cannot get the installation CD to run to where he needs to add his user details. It does refer to the http: browser, but then says it cannot find it. he is going to check with Zoom.

On another point. I have seen splitter/filters for ADSL made by a reputable maker on sale for less than £2. Yet a lot of ISPs and others are selling splitter/filters for almost £10. Is there really that much difference in a filter, or are the workings of them all pretty much the same?
there all about the same m8, there just making a mint on them ;)

for £10 you want the true BT faceplate splitter.

anyway if the don't work neither will the software that came with it as they connect the same way.

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