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I have had this problem on-and-off for a period of about 2 months now.

Problem isn't can use ADSL fine for about a week.

Problem is, sometimes I have to leave my phone off the hook, dial my mum or some other person or my ADSL won't connect. As we speak I have the phone off, of the hook just to write this.

Everything is hooked up nicely, no spyware, all updates to today checked, antivirus reports no virii, firewall configured o.k.

I life receiver via ear piece hear ADSL connecting, it then connects via icon in notification area, I surf, replace receiver I get booted.

NE1 have NE ideas?

(Thanks in advance for ne help).
Maybe you should call your ISP, I dont think this is a software issue.

BTW, with DSL you need filters on each phone, make sure you have these.
I'd have to agree with the Admiral, I thing you have a problem, most likely with your filter(s). To the best of my knowledge, you shouldn't hear anything thru the phoneline...I never have.
Have filters on all sockets.

I have even gone to a 3 metre cable from the 10 metre cable I had.

I stuck the puter nearer the socket.

It's like I've done everything my isp asked of me.

I have 4 filters, I will try them individually, if no joy I will screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeam!
Heard this a number of times... it's usually filters... you need to have filters plugged into each and every wall socket where a phone connected to.

As you should already know, the filters split the frequency into high and low. High for Broadband internet, and low for normal voice/fax calls.
By not using a filter where a phone/fax is connected you're allowing the device to hog up all the bandwidth available on that copper wire, leaving no room for your precious internet. :p
I have 1 phone socket + 4 filters.

I have tried each filter, still get the problem.

The filters are only 3 months old, two given with isp, two with modem, they are all the same make n model.

Never had this problem till I moved house.
if you can hear crosstalk from ADSL on the normal phone line, then you got a crap filter.

how many phones are hooked up, the REN limit is 4, so 3 phones with REN 1.5 and you created another problem of overloading the line, sky digi box counts as REN 1 as well i think.
I wish I had stuck with dial-up, 99% of the time I could connect no probs..Geez, technology in England is bland.
it's not a line overload then. but can you still here crosstalk ?
When I can't connect, I lift up phone dial my home number get engaged signal and I hear the pulse of adsl connecting. In my notification area the adsl icon says connecting and flashes dark green then light green and connects me to adsl network. So I then log in via my isp and then connected put receiver down and I get disconnected. This never happened where I lived before, I have opened up telephone box and shortened orange and white subcables to a few cm than the 8 or so cm's they were before.

When I got reconnected after moving here two months ago it was mustard for a week or so, then sheet happens. I argued with isp and BT they say connection is fine. I won't waffle now hope you understand what i mean.



NE1 can recommend a better filter I can nip down to maplin and see if they got it.

Thanks for any further advice and lame comments :)
i wouldnt be susprised if it's the modem in the exchange, i had a simular time right up until the engineer replaced the modem at there end. they will never admit it until you ring up and cancel the contract under there terms of service as they are not providing any form of quality in there service.

a few mins of you throwing big words followed by breech of contract and the magical engineer will be called out. ;)

the words, you can't make me pay. go a long way :)
Seems maplin sell the filters I got already. Thanks for your advice though :)

This is how dumb the isp tech are, the muppet told me I should reformat my hard drive.

I have had XP and XP pro 3 years now and only formatted once when I wanted to run xp pro sp1a, (wanted a nice clean install) :)

A pat on the back for who can guess my isp!

(I will write a strong minded letter to them, recorded and demad they take their index finger out of their bung hole).
Lee said:

heh i got a friend on AOL, they conned her into the BB pack with lies of "you will be connected in 2 weeks"

not bad considering ambergate came online end of jan, this was back in october.

my final comment after the 3rd phone call to get the BB flag taken off the line was.

"will you people ever let my friend go"

2 letters to guide you through the rough times.


the people on the phone even know what there doing 75% of the time ;)
lol, there are two certainties in life taxes and death...BT and AOL think they are the former I wish they would both die quickly.

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