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The Analog Kid
I've been having problems getting adshield to install. ANyone else have any problems or any suggestions?

Ok, here we go, I did finally get it installed. But this seemed weird. From the time I clicked yes to install til the time that the installer began was about 10 min. This seems awfully weird. Anyone else have this problem. Or am I just an idiot and am missing something major?

Perris Calderon

Staff member
Political User
enable "cache unlisted pages"...it'll load likely links when (and only when) your modem is idle...cool, right click on the banner at the top of this page, click on add to block list...then notice how not only is the banner gone, but the browser will reclaim the space allocated for the add, you'll have an inch more content on each page...way cool...notice how only part of then urls are highlighted when you right click?...that's so every add form that add mill is blocked as well...WAYEST COOL...everyone needs this add blocker, by the way, endorsed by lavasoft,,(makers of adaware)

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