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Adshield question?



Downloaded Adshield after reading all the rave reviews here. However, I've got a question. I'm really new to computers and XP and have tried and tried to import a "Block list" for Adshield. I've downloaded the file and unzipped it -- it's called "Block(1)" I've clicked on the Adshield 'Import' button and I get a window called "Open". Could someone give this computer illiterate simple step by step instructions how to complete the import process. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanx.


Hi, I got my answer via an Adshield Forum, from "Adshield" him or herself. Thanks anyway. I recommend giving Adshield a try, so far its working great. I earlier dowloaded the trial stages XP Popstopper from the Panicware site and it worked great for about 3 hours, then started messing up "Outlook Express" and no matter what I tried would no longer let me open up 2 IE at once and then eventually wouldn't even let me access the Internet. Don't know what went wrong, but at leat it uninstalled smoothly.


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I've been using AdShield for a few months now and love it. It's the 1st popup stopped that actually does what it's suppose to do. :)

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I've given this tip before, but let me put it here again...

when you visit a site often, if it has a huge logo, bring your mouse to the logo, and right click...hit add to block list...now, when the window pops up, only part of the url is highlighted, that's no good when you're blocking a logo, so highlight the whole url...hit ok...now if you have "block listed images" enabled, from now on when you visit the site, the logo is gone, and you'll have more content on each page that you load...try this with the experience logo at the top of this page...enjoy

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