Adobe Reader and a PDF file


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20 Jan 2003
i have a 97 page document
that i am using for a report
i want to copy and paste certian things into my report. They are quite long passages i want to quote but adobe wont let me copy to clipboard. (it is disabled (the pdf file))
is there anyway around this?
perhaps convert it to another format or rip the text out or anything?

i hate PDF files
The easiest way I know of, if you only want to do portions of the doc is to print those pages you want, run them through a scanner and then use OCR software to convert back to text. You can then copy and paste your sections.

Omnipage pro 12 is excellent at this. I use this method and get close to 100% accuracy when the original is a clean print. The whole process takes just a few minutes.
daddyo, Omnipage can read directly from pdf files. No need to physically print and scan them.
Not absolutely sure if any version will do it.

Don't have a English version so the exact term may be slightly different. In Omnipage choose "load image file", pdf will be among the supported file types.

Apart from this there are freeware programs available that can do what you need. Has been discussed here before. Just search the forum for pdf or acrobat.
Sometimes you can read a pdf file directly. I had one document that gave me alot of gibberish text along with the actual text. It was more trouble to edit the gibberish than it was to use the scan function in Omnipage. The text was perfect and required no editing. Only thing I can suggest is to try the pdf file directly, although 97 pages will take a while. Easier and faster to print and then scan.
i try using the ""load image file" on the pdf file
and it says file unable to open or something like that
oh well
thanks anywayz :)
If you only need to convert a few pages of your document, print them from Acrobat and just scan the sections you want. Some pdf's can't be opened and some are protected so you can't copy text. Printing is nice and clean and makes a very easily scanned page. Other than that, unless you have Adobe Acrobat Writer, you're pretty much out of luck. This is my last word on the matter. Good luck.
There a re programs to crack the protection but I've never been able to find a free version.
how about working from HTML?

I think - if you can live with HTML - you should try here ... I think that could work for you (it's free too I think)

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