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adobe professional question

Perris Calderon

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my company just purchased this program, and I can't for the life of me figure out what good this thing is

first, I hate when a document is in this format and I have to launch the reader

and second

just what is the benefit of creating a document or form in this format in the first place

someone enlighten me as to why this program is worth 500 bucks


Perris Calderon

Staff member
Political User
I read that page PseudoKiller...I guess I'm slow today, as I still can't figure out just what this thing does

the page tells me that I can now write documents that the reader can open...

it creates documents that can only be read by the reader

what good is this?

if anyone uses this program to write documents, please tell me what this does that I need to do that can't be done without it

thanx in advance
At work, we use pdf formatted documents for transmittal to a customer. These documents can't be modified by the receiving party and you can include original signatures, which are important for the approval process.

Word documents can be easily modified or copied by the receiving party so that the original and the transmitted copy are not the same. This is important in contract work.

You don't really need the full version of Adobe, although it is the most versatile program around. There are a myriad of less expensive or even free document converters that are available. If you don't need to modify a pdf document, use one of these.

I like Jaws PDF Creator, but there are lots of others. It integrates into all other programs as a printer selection. Instead of selecting a printer, you select Jaws PDF Creator from the print menu and it will create a PDF of whatever it is you're working in. I use it in Word, Visio, Excel, Powerpoint and Autocad, just to name a few. It is fast, small and cheap.

I hope this helps.
Glad to help.

It's a case of the more you use it, the more uses you find for it.

Another neat feature of converting a document to pdf is that all the formatting is retained. Sometimes when I open a Word doc at another work station, all the formatting (fonts, margins, etc.) is changed. Not so in a pdf document...it opens exactly the same on every computer.

Good luck with the program.
PDF is Portable Document Format, due to its portability and often small size and retention of formatting on every OS (there is a PDF reader for every OS and the doc will look the same on every one of those OS's

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