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Adobe Premiere & Linux help!


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Ok so I may be getting a new job doing video editing, but i've used up to this point pinnacle and some various other editing suites.

This new job uses Premiere, they know i don't know it, but are fine for me to learn it on the job, but i would really like learn it before i start (if i get the job).

Can anyone tell me if there are any teaching tools on the web or give me any helpfull tips or anything at all with this program?

Is it really complex to learn?

Also i need to know a little bit about Linux as well. i don't know anything about that either, so where is a good place to learn.



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as far as linux goes download a distro and dual boot your windows box, best way to learn is to jump in. If you want a reccomendation, then I'd day SuSE 10, I have a lot of links and stuff you can use.

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