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Adobe Photoshop CS2 - How to Create a Cartoon from a Photo?


Bow Down to the King
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At one point I thought someone posted a tutorial on how to create a cartoon-like image from a photo. I can't find it here or on the web.

There were two filters used, one of them being Crosshatch.

That's all I remember. Any help is appreciated.


Bow Down to the King
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I found that and it is a filter to download. The tutorial I saw here (if I remember correctly) used two filters that are included with Photoshop.

Crosshatch and Cutout (I just remembered that one).

But I don't remember the specific settings for the filters.


Bow Down to the King
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No, I have the instructions for the pencil sketch. This one was for a cartoon-like image.

The only thing I lost from my Vista migration was this.

Thanks guys.

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